About Us

Dextro Acoustics by Dextro Telos Solutions.

We are a team consisting of highly experienced professionals from various backgrounds namely in Professional audio, architectural acoustics design works, industrial noise & vibration, construction project management and much more.

Over the years of being in the field of acoustical and noise control works, we have seen the many challenges that we and our clients faced as well as the many successes that has been delivered with utmost satisfaction.

We take every project with the approach of delivering only the best, having in mind that if it’s not good enough for us, it will not be good enough for the client.

At Dextro Acoustics, we are well prepared to work alongside with our clients and projects, to meet the best standards they require, to overcome their cost factor that is crucial to projects in today’s industry, and most importantly…

We on work towards delivering a project that exceeds our client’s expectations.