Acoustic Door at Dextro Acoustics are designed to provide optimal noise reduction for challenging applications of industrial, commercial & residential developments.


  • Fully assembled & functionally tested
  • Timber Veneer Finish (Lacquered or Painted Solid Colour)
  • Sound Transmission Class STC-36 to STC-50
  • Comes with recommended door frameworks & acoustic seals
  • Fire rated option on selected acoustic door variants
  • Heavy Duty Iron-mongeries
  • Customizable door sizes according to site

At Dextro Acoustics we truly understand the noise problems that is often faced by our clients, hence our acoustic doors are design with utmost precision, providing sound isolation ratings from STC-36 to STC-50.

Installation procedure of our acoustic doors are carefully supervised by our highly experienced professionals.

Our acoustic doors also comes in optional variants to comply with your project’s building fire regulation. This is a fairly common requirement in building designs today for most noise critical areas.

Acoustic Door edge profile with acoustical seals
Acoustic door seal

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