FABRIK FLUSH acoustic fabric wall & ceiling track system provides your venue with a fully customizable design for fabric featured finishes.
When we speak to designers and our clients about fabric acoustic finishes, it often comes to mind that fabrics panels are made to a specific shape and sizes, squares of different sizes to laid on to your walls and ceilings. However with the use of Fabrik Flush stretched fabric track system, you are able to let your imaginations go wild, think customizable logos, shapes, or maybe a nice large piece of fabric being stretched across. Fabrik Flush fabric wall and ceiling are designed for the quickest installation of fabric finishes for professional installers or DIY’ers. Utilizing a proprietary fabric gripper track, these gripper tracks are firstly lined along your walls and ceiling surfaces according to your intended design, and easily finishing it by slotting the selected fabric into our gripper tracks for a perfectly stretched and fuss free finishes. Wrinkles and crumples which is the most common problems faced by most fabric feature installers can be solved using our Fabrik Flush gripper tracks, effortlessly saving your installation cost. Fabrik Flush track system finishes are most commonly installed with the use of acoustical insulation backing to provide optimum acoustical absorption to your venue. It is common to see Fabrik Flush track system being used in most audio focused recreational spaces such as cinemas, auditoriums and theaters, while some home owners have also taken the liking to apply our Fabrik Flush track systems in their private cinemas and music room. The typical Fabrik Flush assembly with the use of acoustical insulation backing would easily provide excellent acoustical absorption of NRC 1.0 (Noise Reduction Coefficient) which is significantly important for these audio & video recreational spaces. In situations where building fire requirements are stringent, our fabric selection for the stretched fabric wall lining also comes with fire rated fabric as an option to comply with your project’s building requirements.
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