FABRIK TILE acoustic fabric panel are the most common choice among acoustic finishes, providing an elegant and refine texture to your wall from a wide selection of fabric range.

These fabric acoustic panel are most commonly applied to absorb excessive acoustical reverberation and echoes within the room, providing the room with improved speech clarity or as enhancements for audio listening quality. The NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating of the Fabrik Tile assembly can reach up to NRC 1.0 which brings it to be one of the best acoustical absorption finishes in the market.

Our fabric wrapped acoustic absorption panels can be custom made to sizes to blend in your interior design, or to provide an outstanding visual effect to your feature wall. Installation is also made easy using custom wall track hangers for most wall surfaces or installed with a timber backing to any carpentry wall.

With a wide selection of fabric colours and textures available, designers will always find it easy to implement these acoustic treatment into their design.

You will find these fabric panels commonly used in Auditorium, Multipurpose halls, cinema, AV-room, meeting room and much more


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