SLOTWOOD wall and ceiling systems provides the beauty of a timber finished design with the added benefit of acoustical absorption.

In general, timber and laminated finishes are reflective surfaces, however with the use of perforations to the Slotwood acoustic panels it would provide excellent acoustic absorption to the surfaces it is being applied to. Slotwood acoustic panels are installed with acoustic insulation backing, all perforated slots are concealed with an acoustically transparent backing to allow acoustical absorption through the panel’s perforated slots. The NRC (Noise reduction coefficient) rating for a typical Slotwood assembly can reach up to NRC 0.9, which provides the most sufficient acoustical absorption for most applications.

The installation for Slotwood is fairly simple and can be carried out by installers without much effort, which also means a much lower cost on labour hours for installation works. These acoustic panels uses a “tongue & groove” slot-in system typically found on most common laminated floor and wall boards. Slotwood can be installed to almost any wall and ceiling surfaces, to be a finishing on its own or combined with other material finishes.

Slotwood is suited to be used in audio recreational rooms such as home theaters, KTVs, or other commercial venues such as auditoriums, multipurpose halls, theaters, meeting rooms and much more.